Safe mobility outdoors & indoors while standing or sitting

Millions of disabled people and seniors worldwide suffering from impaired walking, are confined to a sedentary lifestyle in a wheelchair, causing health deterioration, poor quality of life, and high medical expenses – a burden for the disabled, their families and health insurers. Numerous studies have demonstrated the physical and mental … Continue reading


Smart nanoparticles overcome multidrug-resistant cancer

Multidrug resistance (MDR) is the mechanism by which many cancers develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs, resulting in minimal cell death and the expansion of drug-resistant tumors. To address the problem of resistance, researchers have developed nanoparticles that simultaneously deliver chemotherapy drugs to tumors and inhibit the MDR proteins that pump … Continue reading


ResMed Expands COPD Offering

ResMed welcomed positive results from the independent Home Oxygen Therapy- Home Mechanical Ventilation (HOT-HMV) study[i] regarding the benefits of home non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Portable oxygen therapy, remote monitoring technology and home NIV are key components of ResMed’s COPD management offering.

The HOT-HMV study shows that the addition of home NIV … Continue reading


BD Announces New Software Release For Pyxis Enterprise Solution

BD announced general availability of the latest software release of Pyxis™ ES System, delivering patient safety and workflow benefits for health systems’ medication management.

Key innovations and enhancements in the new software version include:

  • Advanced server scalability and optimization to meet the needs of growing health systems with … Continue reading