Adaltis S.r.l.

Adaltis S.r.l.

Adaltis S.r.l. is an international IVD company headquartered in Rome, Italy.

Adaltis develops, manufactures and markets in-vitro diagnostic systems and reagents to detect viral infections, diagnose immune system diseases and measure human hormone responses.

Adaltis’ development and production of reagents includes a wide ranges of assay for diagnosis of general infectious diseases, hepatitis, HIV, HTLV, serology, ToRCH, tumour markers, hormones, autoimmunity and thyroids. As well for Vitamin D/-B12/-B9, bone metabolism, anemia, fertility/pregnancy, and recently HbA1c. In addition to a complete clinical chemistry and latex based range set of parameters for routine biochemistry screening and plasma proteins.

The assays are available on different testing platforms
for your maximum flexibility:

Photometric microELISA kits (EIAgen)
Chemiluminescence microELISA kits (CLIAgen)
Immunoassays – magnetic particle (Eclectica TiCA)
Immunoassay – clinical chemistry (CHEMgen)
Turbidity/latex (CHEMgen)
Rapid Tests (EASY Line)

Completed with a range of dedicated controls and calibrators.

All our assays are fully validated and are as ready-to-start applications available and standard operational on our instruments.

Adaltis provides Dedicated Customized Services and Antibody Production.

Adaltis has a strong record in OEM / ODM development and production of systems and kits. Well known partners have experienced and enjoy the expertise and quality products of Adaltis.

Adaltis is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. Our products are IVD-CE marked.

+39 0774 579333
Via Luigi Einaudi 7
Guidonia Montecelio

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