AID Diagnostika GmbH

AID Diagnostika GmbH

Since 1989 AID, with its headquarters in the south-west of Germany, produces and markets diagnostic products, imaging devices and suitable software programs within the wide range of immunology and infectious diseases
One of the the world-wide most used EliSpot readers (AID EliSpot Reader System) was developed and produced by AID. Based on the success of this system we work continuously on the development of further automizable complete solutions within the fields of microbiology, virology and cell biology and offer various robotic systems for high throughput analyses. The newest development is the AID BacSpot Robotic System, a complete solution to analyse up to 200 agar plates per hour, as well as the AID EliSpot Robotic System, the first high throughput analysing system for EliSpot assays worldwide.
Beside these hardware solutions AID offers a comprehensive range of test systems for research- and diagnostic labs. Regarding certifying and accreditation of the diagnostic laboratories special attention is thereby drawn on automizable test systems, so that simple documentation and archiving of the results are given. Furthermore the working procedures for all tests of the same group are equal, which minimize error probability.

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