Coldway SA

Coldway SA

COLDWAY was created in 2001 by Laurent RIGAUD and Francis KINDBEITER. It is a French company which has brought about a major innovation in the generation of heat and cold, finally making it possible to store industrial cold and use it as required in any place and in all circumstances, regardless of the power desired and without the need for external energy.

The originality of this internationally patented invention is that it is an autonomous process, i.e. it uses no continuous external energy and is both mobile and reusable without being limited in time and without using consumables. This fully developed invention has now entered industrial production.

One of the first solutions introduced by the company has provided the perfect answer to the absolute health needs of an entirely uninterrupted cold chain, as required for example in the food, medical, logistics and transport sectors, -where control and traceability of temperatures and both flexibility and reliability in transporting temperature sensitive products at constant temperatures are essential.

Through its expertise in refrigeration systems and in order to meet professional requirements in the health, logistics and food industries, Coldway has strategically positioned itself as the “Cold Chain Specialist. It has designed, manufactured and distributed products dedicated to the cold chain for over 15 years for both the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products. Coldway’s unique knowledge and experience in the field is the basis for its hallmark expert solutions.
The product ranges developed by COLDWAY now equip over 600 clients in France and 45 other countries in the fields of health, food, transport and logistics.

Capitalising on its almost 15 years of experience and expertise in producing autonomous refrigeration systems and on its ability to innovate, COLDWAY is now providing customised solutions to companies seeking applications specifically adapted to their sector (energy, automotive industry and leisure appliances etc.,).

COLDWAY provides a solution for temperature management during transport that fully meets the mobility and traceability requirements of hospitals, health centres, the French Blood Transfusion facilities, medical analytical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

In the pharmaceutical industry, these products are carried either by refrigerated transport systems or by using disposable insulated packaging, which raises recycling problems. Temperature sensitive products account for 3.5% of the medicines market and are now responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions in France.

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