“NAPOLY” established full cycle production of ChitoPran® in Russia. Using our patented technologies we produce nano- and micro-fibers and the materials based on them with a very high production capacity. We developed and patented the compositions of the spinning solutions and the technoogy conditions that ascertain the unique properties of the material:

morphology of the fibrous layer that mimics the extracellular matrix and enables the rapid movement and growth of its own epithelium;
high vapor and air permeability;
high bioavailability of bioadditives, which allows to reduce their dosage, and hence toxicity.

NAPOLY is changing the rules of the game when it comes to wound dressing. We develop, produce and sell ChitoPran® dressings that never have to be removed; they are bio-absorbed.

The performance is based on:

the biological activity of chitosan which is able to activate macrophages, enhance the proliferation of fibroblasts, accelerate growth of epidermal keratinocytes, bind and inactivate matrix metalloproteinases – inflammation enzymes;
the special structure of the nanofibers that mimic the structure of the extracellular matrix and contribute to the growth of the cells.

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