Novodiax is dedicated to advancing tissue-based diagnostics and immunoassays. Our signature innovation is the proprietary polymer-based supersensitive detection systems. Based on this technology we developed a series of supersensitive polymer conjugates: the Q-StainTM product line, which rivals the best in the market

Direct IHC is a revolutionary IHC technology (patent pending) further advanced from our polymer detection systems. Some of the most commonly utilized diagnostic antibodies are directly conjugated to our polyHRp, resulting in a simpler and faster IHC procedure that minimizes the intermediate steps. We define this brand new technology as Direct IHC. The corresponding product line ihcDirectTM have unique advantages over other IHC products in the market.

Intraoperative IHC diagnostics can only be practical if an IHC procedure is <15 minutes. Our ihcDirectTM product lines now have attained this level of speed. Using polymer technology, we have labeled over 20 primary antibodies, all achieved the incubation time at room temperature 3-15 minutes on frozen tissue or FFPE tissue sections.

Direct IHC services for therapeutic antibody development fulfill at least three market needs: 1) determine the binding profile on cancer tissues in early development stage; 2) determine normal tissue cross-reactivity in late pre-clinical stage; and 3) companion diagnostics in clinical and market stages. By directly labeling therapeutic antibody, the issues of a) the unwanted non-specific bindings by endogenous biotin in two-step IHC; and b) the anti-human secondary antibody on human tissue in one-step IHC, are avoided. An IHC companion diagnostic tool can be readily developed from a supplied therapeutic antibody using our direct IHC technology.

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