OneLIFE s.a.

OneLIFE s.a.

In 2012, Belgian biotech company Realco began the adaptation of its proprietary enzymatic biofilm treatment for use in the medical field. Realco, founded in 1991 and floated on the Brussels stock exchange, specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative and exclusive enzymatic detergents for industrial applications, as well as for consumers.

Realco develops high-performance products by formulating their detergents around the core elements; the enzymes. Surface agents are carefully selected and tested for their complementarity with the enzymes. Therefore, the final products demonstrate high enzymatic activity and enable superior cleaning compared to traditional detergents; both enzymatic and chemical.

The resulting formulations have been patented; in particular, those developed to treat biofilms in partnership with the French National Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA). Realco’s technologies were originally developed for the I&I (Industrial and Institutional) sector in order to improve the quality of cleaning of installations, including closed circuits and surfaces. Through improved cleaning and biofilm removal, the risk of contamination is significantly reduced. Today, many industrial installations, from small companies to large multinationals, rely on Realco’s technologies to guarantee clean equipment and control contamination.

Derived from Realco’s patented technologies, OneLIFE’s range of detergents ensure through cleaning and biofilm removal for medical devices, thus reducing the risk of patient infection.

Having understood the specific requirements of the medical field, Realco took the decision to create an independently-run spin-out in January 2015, OneLIFE SA, which is wholly dedicated to the medical sector, with its own financial and human resources.

With specific skills and experience in developing detergents for the medical field and in biofilm-related microbiology, the OneLIFE team is well equipped to offer innovative and efficient solutions for the cleaning of medical devices.

OneLIFE’s mission is to accompany healthcare professionals in their constant pursuit of optimal levels of cleanliness for their medical devices. We do this by providing products, protocols and services that enable high-level decontamination, including detection and treatment of biofilm.

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