Ortho-Medical GmbH

Ortho-Medical GmbH

Orthomedical was founded in 1997 as a cooperation company of Kapp and is specialized in the worldwide distribution of modern medicine technical equipment, instruments and systems for implantation. Orthomedical only sells products of the highest quality which meet the most sophisticated demands. In order to reach the same standards of quality as the mother company Kapp, shortly after the founding a quality management system under DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 was implemented.

Because people are aware of the quality of Kapp-manufactured products and because of the manner in which Kapp works, Orthomedical’s main supplier is Kapp GmbH. Close cooperation and an active flow of information are possible because both companies are located within the same complex of buildings. Those factors, as well as a close proximity to Tuttlingen, the world’s centre for medicine technics, on top of considerable advantages in logistics and the cooperation within suppliers and partners have helped Orthomedical towards a continuous and ongoing expansion of market shares since the founding of the company. The customer is the focus of Orthomedical’s interest. A professionally trained sales team, permanently brought up to date on state-of-the-art technics by trainings and internal education is responsible for your satisfaction. Orthomedical keeps an open mind towards new products and developments and is always ready for a professional consultation.

Through immediate proximity to manufacturers of medicine technical products, prompt availability of products and optimal logistics are guaranteed.

Orthomedical and Kapp GmbH are jointly using highly modern communications equipment as well as CAD and construction systems. This is a considerable advantage for you because as a manufacturer of medicine technical products on the highest level Kapp’s equipment is always state-of-the-art. Orthomedical profits form this advantage in order to meet your requirements. Added to that, the realization of specific wishes of customers is possible via a direct influence on the production plant.
Orthomedical emerged in 1997 as a sales organization for the well established company Kapp. Since then, a specialization on implantation systems took place, even though-needless to say-the sectors of classical instruments as well as medicine technical equipment are covered, too. While products of Kapp GmbH are an important factor for quality and reliability within Orthomedical’s assortment, Orthomedical gradually took over increasing parts of Kapp’s export activities for implantation and instruments.

Orthomedical demands the use of high-quality materials and of first-rate raw materials in the production of their products. Added to a strict systematical quality control at the production plant, an additional inspection is carried through by Orthomedical. For your satisfaction and Orthomedical’s heavy demands. When in 2000 Kapp GmbH was about to move to new, more spacious premises, Orthomedical seized the chance for a successful cooperation in one building. Partly built of shiny steel, the appearance of the impressive office and production complex gives an indication of the kind of materials that are being worked with-even from the outside. In the middle of working and manufacturing areas, which were designed following the latest aspects of the market, Orthomedical found room for crucial steps into the future.

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