PentaBase ApS

PentaBase ApS

PentaBase ApS is a privately held company founded in 2006, having roots back to the invention Intercalating Nucleic Acid, INA, made by the founder of PentaBase, Ulf B. Christensen and published in 2002 [Christensen UB and Pedersen EB, Nucl. Acid. Res., 2002, 30, 4918-4925]. Today PentaBase has refined INA, and made it usable on standard instruments used in most molecular biology facilities around the world. We call the proprietary monomers in our updated INA for “pentabases”.

Using pentabases in oligonucleotides allows one to make products that are often out-performing similar products based on standard DNA or other DNA analogues. Pentabase modified oligos also comprise new and unique features, allowing for alternative approaches in addressing challenges in analysis or manipulation of genetic material. We have therefore made custom oligonucleotides comprising pentabases available for researchers around the world. Furthermore, we have used our platform technology for developing own assays and services mainly based on real-time PCR.

PentaBase is a small, fast growing company with focus on servicing our customers in the best possible way and deliver products that significantly improve the reliability of obtained results. Our goal is to set the new standard for somatic mutation detection, by delivering products with sensitivities and ease-of-use that are second to none.

All our pentabase modified oligonucleotides are produced at our facilities in Denmark. You will nearly always be able to talk with one of our leading scientist by phone, email or through our chat service, or we will return to you at the earliest possible chance.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any scientific related questions you may have, we love to discuss science and is thrilled by challenges.

+45 36 96 94 96
Lumbyvej 19G,
Odense C

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