Premier Guard LLC

Premier Guard LLC

Premier Guard LLC was formed in 2007 located in Houston, Texas and is part of a family owned and operated group of companies comprising of Premier Guard International Ltd, servicing Australia and Asia, Premier Guard BV, servicing Europe, and Guangzhou Fortunique Ltd, providing OEM solutions for companies outside of North America.  Premier Guard LLC services all of North America and provides both retail and OEM solutions.

Premier Guard is a vertically integrated company, meaning we’re involved from the raw polymers and crude oil used to manufacture items all the way to the final packaged product that arrives at your facility.  This is a distinguishing and important factor that means from the beginning to the end we have first hand knowledge and control over what type of products you need and exactly what is needed to get it to you with the least amount of lead time and cost.  Not many of our competitors can say the same.

With today’s roller coaster of gas prices every consumer knows how the price of oil goes hand in hand with costs.  But, by being the manufacturer and retailer, our prices are much less volatile and much more stable.  Just because the price of oil went up today doesn’t mean you’ll pay double for your product tomorrow.

Even the most well-oiled and maintained machine has room for improvement.  Keeping a balanced budget, having enough product on hand, dealing with back orders – these are just a handful of common issues facilities deal with on a daily basis.  At Premier Guard we work with you to provide individualized solutions.  With over a 98% fulfillment rate, knowledgeable and dedicated representatives, and hard to beat prices find out what solution we can provide for you today!

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