Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.

Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) provides innovative tactile sensing solutions that push the boundaries of tactile sensing technology. PPS’s mission is to leverage and enhance capacitive tactile sensing technology to develop innovative, meaningful products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices, robotics, ergonomics, automotive applications, and industrial and consumer products.

PPS pressure mapping sensors have been embedded into some of todays most advanced and innovative medical device and consumer device products.  Our expertise in precise, reliable pressure measurements that can be used in a wide range of real world environments have met the demanding needs of researchers and manufacturers alike.  Medical devices in particular require high levels of reliability and precision given both the applications within the human body and the regulatory approvals required for such devices.  PPS’s proprietary capacitive sensing technology and full featured visualization and analysis software have provided high-quality results in a wide variety of settings and applications.  The solutions highlighted here are primarily developer kits for product development teams to use PPS technologies in their products.  The actual licensing and the use of embedded sensors for production products are determined directly with PPS and are outside the scope of these development kits.  Please contact us for further information on embedding PPS technology into your medical or consumer health device.

+44 141 559 7150
Suite-H.121 George St.
G1 1RD
United Kingdom

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