RI.MOS srl

RI.MOS srl

RI.MOS was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of sterile, single use medical devices. In 1994 RI.MOS took over RAM, a company founded in 1985 from the same associates and manufacturing mesotherapy multiinjectors and gynecological products. In April 2000, RI.MOS took over PAIS, a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of devices and reusable needles for medical and veterinary purposes.

RI.MOS develops and improves the design of products in cooperation with physician and scientific researchers. R&D and engineering are carried out internally and the manufacturing process involves highly experienced operators and suppliers in the manufacturing of medical devices.
(Certified Supplier: Enki). Thanks to a modern production technology, RI.MOS products are assembled by trained operators in ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms . RI.MOS quality system is ISO13485 standard certified. Product certification currently obtained are: CE mark, FDA cleared (USA), GOST R (Russia).  Rimos has been accredited as a MIUR Laboratory (Ministry of University and Research) since January 2007.

RI.MOS products range includes the following lines of medical devices:

GINRAM (ginecology / disposable): vaginal speculums; cervical, endocervical and endometrial sampling devices; cannulas for endometrial aspiration; needles; devices for vacuum assisted fetal delivery; uterine manipulators and injectors
FERTIRAM (assisted fertilization / disposable): devices for sperm collection, artificial insemination (AI), ovum pick-up in gamete intra fallopian transfer (GIFT), in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer in IVF-ET procedures;
MESORAM (mesotherapy disposable): linear or circular multi-injectors;
AGORAM (biopsy / disposable): disposable needles for bone and soft tissues biopsy
PAIS special needles and devices;
HOLOIL SYSTEM Products based on Neem and Hypericum Perforatum

Domestic market is made of retailers and local dealers organized in a capillary network. Export quota is 40% of the total turnover with sales managed through distributors located in over 90 countries.

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