Company ROBOTSYSTEM, s.r.o. is a highly creative research and realization company specializing in breakthrough project solutions, especially in service robotics, mechatronics, energetics, and electromobility. The above mentioned lines are profiled in specific areas such as medical transport and rehabilitation robotics, rescue and emergency technology, robotic electromobility, as well as fully robotized workstations in the field of nuclear energetics, including underground robotic technology for disposal of spent nuclear fuel in deep geological repositories.

We are focused inter alia on implementation program of the Industry 4.0 system in the Czech Republic, consisting in gathering of supercritical research activities, flexible application of projects into practice, as well as generating of innovative business plans.

We use our own system of global monitoring and analyses, including monitoring of research projects (implemented, ongoing and planned) to obtain authentic information on the actual results and trends in global research and markets, with a focus on the area of interest of the project orientation.

Simultaneously, we have a highly sophisticated software support and our own patent department to consistently ensure the protection of intellectual property.

We cooperate with a wide range of research institutes, universities, as well as public and private businesses entities, both in Europe and in the world.

We use the system – fantasy – conceptual idea – project – model and manufacturing documentation – realization of complex prototype – application in practice. Particularly since 2016, we are expanding our highly creative research, engineering and operating team to convert a series of our own European and international patent solutions to novel market oriented business plans.

The company uses its newly renovated research facility – “tailored” equipped to current research and implementation plans, which includes the prototype hall for implementation and testing.

Company ROBOTSYSTEM, s.r.o., in cooperation with “Czech-Moravian Centre of Breakthrough Technologies”, is a co-founder of a timeless program of innovative and monitoring accelerator, in symbiosis with applied research project trends of the Government of the Czech Republic and strategies of the European Union, based on the implementation of system process of generating of innovative business plans for small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, based on search and monitoring system from available global databases of global research, calls and projects, world markets and market trends, with the aim to create a stock of new innovative and market successful business plans with a focus on research and development and production potential of the Czech Republic, its individual regions and businesses entities and their specific needs.

The principle of the proposed program is to analyze and monitor large areas of the world of the above mentioned information sources to gather information on the actual results and trends in global research and real-world requirements and forecasts of world markets. The aim is to create and implement research projects with high technological, utility and commercial value added, with guarantee of full application on the world markets. The program of Innovation and Monitoring Accelerator is closely synchronized with the Industry 4.0 system, focusing on its implementation in the Czech conditions.

+420 596 425 620
Ing. Petra Haladová
Havlíčkovo nábřeží 2728/38
702 00
Moravská Ostrava
Czech Republic

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