Savyon Diagnostics Ltd.

Savyon Diagnostics Ltd.

Savyon Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets high quality diagnostic kits and systems for the detection of Infectious Diseases and Genetic Screening for more than 30 years through a worldwide network of over 80 distributors.
Savyon Diagnostics is a member of the Gamida for Life group of companies, based in the Netherlands, which is engaged in Healthcare related operations worldwide.
Savyon Diagnostics product lines can be categorized according to areas of disease diagnosis:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Respiratory Tract Infections
Gastrointestinal Pathogens
Genetic Carriers Screening
Urinary Tract Infections
Women’s Health

Savyon Diagnostics tests are based upon various immunological and molecular biology techniques (Micro Arrays, ELISA, MIF, IPA, Lateral Flow etc.) and also maintains multiple patents related to these products. The company possesses the unique “know how” of producing quality core biologicals including: antigens, antibodies and nucleic acid-based probes, while using cutting edge technology to manufacture the products to the high standards that laboratories and research institutions have come to depend upon.
Most of Savyon Diagnostics products are developed by our experienced and skilled R&D team who maintain close relationships with international key opinion leaders and academic institutions. Building on its innovative R&D capabilities, Savyon Diagnostics has recently introduced the novel bench-top microarray system the NanoChip®XL analyzer that enables fully automated high throughput testing of DNA/RNA as well as a unique, first of its kind diagnostic test for detection of the enteric parasite, Blastocystis.
Savyon Diagnostics is accredited with the highest international quality standards of research, development and manufacture, including ISO 13485. The company’s products are all CE certified and those products sold in the USA and China are FDA and CFDA approved, respectively. In Canada Savyon has CMDCAS, ISO 13485 (2003).
Savyon Diagnostics has recently established an Analytical Services unit. The Analytical Services unit is run by a team of specialists managed by Dr. Yehudit Amor, an expert in analytical biochemistry and in particular in glycoanalysis. The unit complies with GMP guidelines as required by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) for active pharmaceutical ingredients. Glycoanalysis services include:

N-link glycan analysis by HPLC
O-link glycan analysis by HPLC
Profiling and quantitative analysis of sialic acid (NeuAc and NeuGc)
Quantitative monosaccharaides analysis

Other protein chemistry analyses include (but are not limited to) oxidation, deamination, di-sulfide bond charge variant and size exclusion analyses, as well as peptide mapping and identity assessments.The Analytical Unit complements the wide range of services offered by Savyon to the pharma, biotech, IVD and life sciences community. Services include assay development, contract manufacturing and logistics, as well as QA and RA consulting.

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