Seramun Diagnostica GmbH

As a leading developer and manufacturer in vitro diagnostics and reagents for enzyme immunoassays especially of ready-to-use substrates, Seramun Diagnostica GmbH is your partner when it comes to meet special requirements, ensuring highest-level precision, keeping development times short and maintaining quality-controlled products in continual availability.

It is the company’s philosophy that all key substances for the immunoassays that we offer are developed in-house and produced according to standardized procedures.

By cultivating close contacts with our customers and cooperating closely with scientific institutions, Seramun Diagnostica GmbH is able to realize a program of product maintenance and development that is oriented towards the very latest scientific developments.

As a bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany, we have been pro­du­cing for our cus­to­mers various la­bo­ra­tory dia­gnos­tics and re­search rea­gents for more than 20 years. We spe­cia­lize in pro­vi­ding to our customers pre­mium-quali­ty pro­ducts for human medi­cal and ve­teri­nary dia­gnos­tics, which are de­ve­lo­ped and pro­duced in our Ger­many-based la­bo­ra­tory and meet the re­quire­ments of la­bo­ra­to­ries of various sizes through in­di­vi­dual cus­to­mi­za­tion.

For pro­du­cers of in vitro dia­gnos­tics, we offer ready-to-use subs­tra­tes for vari­ous marker enzymes and sta­bi­li­zers in enzyme con­ju­ga­tes and sen­si­tive bio-mole­cules. We ful­fil in­di­vi­dual cus­to­mer needs by offe­ring tai­lor-made so­lu­tions. Pre­mium qua­li­ty bio-chemi­cals as star­ting sub­stan­ces, state-of-the-art equip­ment and stan­dar­di­zed pro­duc­tion flows gua­ran­tee the high and re­pro­du­ci­ble qua­lity of Seramun pro­ducts.

Our service port­fo­lio inclu­des the pro­duc­tion of poly­clo­nal and mono­clo­nal anti­bo­dies for pro­du­cers of in vitro dia­gnos­tics and scien­ti­fic re­search in­sti­tu­tions as tools to set up pre­cise and immu­no­lo­gi­cal ana­lytics. Upon request, we pro­duce immu­no­ge­nic sub­stan­ces as syn­the­tic pep­ti­des in coope­ra­tion with scien­ti­fic in­sti­tu­tions or as re­com­bined pro­teins at our own mole­cu­lar bio­lo­gi­cal de­part­ment.

We per­form con­tract deve­lop­ments of en­zyme immu­no­assays and can look back to more than 30 years of ex­pe­rience. In coope­ra­tion with uni­ver­si­ties and public in­sti­tu­tions, we in­cor­po­rate latest scien­ti­fic fin­dings in our de­ve­lop­ment work. Our committed and crea­tive staff is able to cus­to­mize the pro­jects spe­ci­fi­cally to the needs of our clients. The de­ve­lo­ped assays are pro­vi­ded with com­pre­hen­sive do­cu­men­ta­tion, for in­stance to use as basis for future CE-mar­king. Alter­na­ti­ve­ly, we are also able to pro­duce the de­ve­lo­ped tests for you. We would be de­ligh­ted to assist you.

For medical prac­ti­ces, la­bo­ra­to­ries, hos­pi­tals, scien­ti­fic in­sti­tu­tions and vaccine pro­du­cers, we pro­vide – either di­rect­ly or through re­nowned sales par­tners- la­bo­ra­tory tests for the de­tec­tion of auto­immune and in­fec­tious diseases and tests to check the purity of vaccines. Our enzyme immu­no­assays, line immu­no­assays and the new spot immu­no­assays ensure ease of hand­ling and are sui­table for auto­ma­ted pro­cessing.

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