Incubated at Tsinghua University and founded in June 2013, Beijing iKangtai Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in helping women to get pregnant through the use of the state-of-the-art Big-Data and IOT technologies. Shecare, our brand, focuses on the female fertility in the market of family health. One of our products, Shecare BBT-Thermometer, is the first FDA-certified smart BBT-Thermometer for women. With our unswerving pursuit of excellence in IOT technology, an innovative service model which centers upon “Hardware + App + Cloud-Services” has already been established in Shecare.

Our core R&D team, coming from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., are experienced in wireless network, hardware and software design, internet products, industrial design, supply-chain management and other fields.

Just like so many great inventions in our modern world, the very idea of Shecare was inspired by some complaints.
At the beginning of 2013, one of the founder’s friends, a lady in her mid-30s, was experiencing some accumulating anxiety in her fertility and her chance of a baby. The mental burden was so heavy that she had to talk to her friends. In spite of the comforts which of course eased her mind at least, she was actually expecting maybe something more, which could literally introduce her own body to her, since suddenly she was surprised by her ignorance of herself.

Luckily for her, she was wise in choosing friends. Her closest friends ranged from Doctors majored in Computer Science, to doctors in public hospitals. They were all eager to help. So after several rounds of hot discussions and several nights of lab-works, the draft version and essentially the embryo shape of Shecare was created. And after another exciting series of “why-nots”, one company was established and quickly went into daily operations.

So that leads to the very intention of Shecare, to help women to understand themselves, and consequently get better control of their fertility, aiming at either achieving or avoiding pregnancy.

Shecare, both as a product and as a team, is far from perfect. We are well aware of that. We are too often at loss, at fault, even at risk, but we will never be at rest. Our aim in fertility health will not change. Our hardware is approaching its second generation, and Shecare App keeps its iteration all the time. We hope to be at your service and be of help.

Oh by the way, our story deserves a happy ending. That scene should be a baby saying his first “Ma” to our lady, in the winter of 2015.

+86 10 40000618186
Room 1206, Block B, Xueyan Building,Shuangqing Road, Haidian District,

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