Silvermedia sp. z o.o.

Silvermedia sp. z o.o.

We actively partner with European scientific institutions.

We take part in European Commission programmes which support the development of IT and innovation in the healthcare sector. Silvermedia’s products have been widely recognised and acknowledged by international institutions as the high quality and leading-edge solutions.

The Silvermedia’s team is made up of more than 70 enthusiasts of IT, robotics and biocybernetics. Its hard core is a group of young scientists working on innovative R&D projects.
The team is headed by experts with a passion for telemedicine: Ireneusz Wochlik DSc Eng and Jarosław Bułka DSc Eng. For nearly 20 years they have been conducting research in biomedical engineering, creating an impressive portfolio of around 60 scientific publications and papers presented at the most prestigious global biomedical conferences.

We run an internal R&D division providing innovative telehealth IT solutions.

We are currently focusing our work on the following areas:


We have been developing algorithms for the comprehensive ECG data analysis, which detect anomalies in the recorded signal. Thanks to that approach, doctors using our systems will soon be able to early diagnose heart conditions such as infractions, apnea, arrhythmia and many others. This is a unique method, because current telemedicine technologies concentrate exclusively on arrhythmia diagnosis.


Together with other world-class experts we develop new screenings tests to diagnose hearing impairments. We work on a system for remote analysis of auditory brainstem response in infants. So far such examinations may only be carried out in a hospital setting when an infant is asleep.  Now, thanks to a special remote device, a parent will be able to perform testing at home and send the results to a physician via the Internet.


We devise algorithms designed to significantly accelerate the process of non-invasive assessment of the risk of asthma and allergy. Our research is supervised by the leading medical figures in Poland. Together with specialists from the Polish Society of Allergology we are creating a web portal, where each patient will be able, on their own, to run a test assessing the risk of developing asthma or allergy. The key advantages of the portal are simplicity and user-friendliness. Thanks to the web service, patients will not have to undergo invasive tests.


We conduct research on the system of early detection of neurodegenerative diseases and senile dementia. With accelerated diagnosis, we will be able soon to detect symptoms of such disorders as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. For many patients this will be the chance to undertake early treatment, which will greatly improve the quality of their life.


We are constantly developing the Silvermedic telemedicine platform, which brings together results of studies in different areas of medicine. Such a holistic view enables various centres to undertake research partnerships and search for correlations between distant diseases. This is the first step to a comprehensive patient diagnosis covering entire medical history and treatment details.

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