SUBLIMED SAS provides transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) medical device for chronic pain management.

Sublimed transforms the treatment of chronic pains by TENS to a new and more patient friendly era. Miniaturized, thin and flexible, the SUBLIMED device perfectly shapes the body and adapts to each morphology. Easily hidden under clothes, wirelessly monitored by smartphone, the SUBLIMED device discreetly supports the patient in daily activities and relieves pain under any circumstances.

The SUBLIMED device was especially designed to offer more flexibility than conventional products. The device allows to stimulate all the body zones that can be targeted for a specific TENS treatment. Optimal positioning of the cutaneous electrodes adapted to the morphology and the pathology of the patient is allowed thanks to the specific architecture of the device. For low back pain, a fully dedicated accessory allows to use the SUBLIMED device without any cable.

The smartphone application collects, analyzes and synthesizes the patient data (history of use, pain and physical activity, etc.). Furthermore, during each consultation, the health professional benefits from a simple and effective tool to fine-tune the diagnosis and personalize the treatment.

+33 4 76371758
Nicolas KARST
9, rue du Rocher de Lorzier

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