“Since its IPO at the end of 2012 and thanks to its highly-experienced team, Theradiag has intensified its strategy based on the development of proprietary kits, notably in Theranostics. This strategy is backed by the fact that the Company has over 25 years of experience in the development, industrialization and global marketing of innovative diagnosis kits. It is perfectly in keeping with the current challenges facing the health sector, where the importance of biotherapies and their monitoring in the treatment of auto-immune diseases and cancers is growing.

The tangible progress achieved since 2013 successfully validates this new strategy:
•    The creation of our two Business Units: Theranostics and In-vitro Diagnostics;
•    The recruitment of two senior executives with substantial experience in these domains and the strengthening of our marketing teams;
•    The marketing of the Lisa Tracker range, the world’s most comprehensive range of kits for monitoring auto-immune disease biotherapies with sales growth of 200% over the last two years;
•    The launch of a new automated solution (instrument and software), Theralis, allowing us to improve our positioning in the diagnosis of auto-immune diseases;
•    The development of our microRNA technological platform with the setting up of our own laboratories in Montpellier, the recruitment of five researchers and additional development agreements in collaboration with the CNRS and the Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM) in particular;
•    Recognition of our innovative developments in molecular biology (miRNA) with our Rectal Cancer project, rewarded by the Worldwide Innovation Challenge in 2014.

The buoyant growth in sales of products that we have developed and industrialized in-house is tangible proof of our dynamism and represents the cornerstone of our future success.”

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