UNFO Med. Ltd.

UNFO Med. Ltd.

UNFO Med. Ltd. is a company specializing in the orthopedic field.  Founded by Dr. Izak Daizade, MD – a specialist in the field of orthopedic surgery with over 35 years of experience – UNFO Med is the manufacturer of the revolutionary Universal Neonatal Foot Orthotics system. Based on his expertise in the field of pediatric surgery, Dr. Daizade has developed and is now promoting the adoption of this revolutionary treatment for metatarsus adductus (MTA) and club foot in newborn.  The UNFO Med system has recently received an approved patent status in the United States and China (US Patent number 8,083,703) and patent pending status in Brazil, Europe, Canada, Australia, India .Experts at UNFO Med. Ltd. work tirelessly to develop new and innovative treatments aimed at bringing relief to thousands of suffering infants afflicted with foot conditions and enable them the happy, pain-free life they so deserve.

Dr. Izak Daizade, MD is one of the leading experts in the orthopedic surgery field.  Having graduated from medical school in Tehran, Iran, Dr. Daizade completed his residency in Orthopedic surgery at Beilinson Hospital in Israel and interned in the General, Vascular and Neurosurgery Departments as well as the ICU and Research Departments at Tel Aviv University.  Dr. Daizade completed his fellowship in spinal surgery at Beilinson Hospital PT.Dr. Daizade also served as the Chief Orthopedic Doctor at one of the country’s most prominent hospitals.  At the same time, he ran several Orthopedic Surgery private clinics across the country.Dr. Daizade has developed and patented innovative orthopedic products in countries around the world since 2007. Along with his son Eilon, Dr. Daizade started UNFO Med in order to continue developing innovative treatments for newborns afflicted with congenital foot deformities.

Eilon Daizade gained his theoretical and practical training and qualifications in Anatomy, Kinesiology (also known as human kinetics), foot and ankle biomechanics, and the relevant pathologies.Mr. Daizade is a certified orthopedic technician and has specialized in the practice of foot Orthotics (specifically brace construction).  During his career, he has accumulated vast orthopedic-related experience and managed the renowned “Medalia” Orthopedic Institute between 2003 and 2012.

Mr. Daizade is the currently Vice President and the driving business force behind UNFO Med Ltd.

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