UVLrx Therapeutics Inc.

The core philosophy of UVLrx Therapeutics Inc. is a simple one: provide safe and effective therapeutic solutions to help heal some of our medical community’s greatest ailments. However, within the simplicity of this philosophy lies great complexity.

Accordingly, UVLrx™ has assembled a dedicated team of engineers, scientist, world-renowned physicians, and leading business professionals to guide the development and implementation of innovative therapies. Whether it is the physician, employee, or global distributor, all members of the UVLrx™ family are bound by a single goal: to help improve the quality of care for everyone! This allows our team to focus on treatments important to us and the global medical community. We have established a strong network of domestic and international providers to carry out high-quality clinical studies designed at elucidating the utility of our devices. Each clinical pursuit is founded on the tenets of evidence-based medicine, which helps substantiate the safety and efficacy of our future therapies. We are reminded each day that in order to conquer some of our greatest health care challenges we must remain focused, and dedicated. This is something the UVLrx™ global family is prepared to accomplish to improve the quality of care the medical community provides tomorrow!

+1 844 885-7979
200 East Carrillo Blvd. Suite 101
Santa Barbara

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