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West Medica feels strongly that innovation is the key to a brighter future and improves the quality of life for everyone. Development of Vision solutions for digital microscopy is a top priority and the main focus of West Medica.

Technology is an increasingly influential factor in many fields as new methods are established every day and that’s the reason why West Medica always tries to be one-step ahead. New analytical procedures are regularly introduced onto the market and as a result customers are often looking for solutions to keep up-to-date on the latest scientific developments.

Your friendship and trust are very significant to us and our goal is to provide you with high quality and professional support.

Continuous analysis and evaluation of our customers’ demands as well as close observation of market trends secures routine expansion of our product portfolio. Vision develops systems for specific applications that can be grouped in 3 categories, namely: hematology, clinical laboratory and microscopy. Each system is a result of company’s field experience and extensive research as well as analysis of customers’ needs.

Vision systems are designed to maximize the use of advanced technology features and capabilities, optimise and standardize workflow and staff productivity as well as foster professional growth. Specialists that are looking for professional development and recognize new digital technologies are presented with unlimited resources in their field.

Close attention to an absolute completion of our product means that each step in a Vision system is closely supervised. Hardware production and delivery, software development and testing, installation of the system, user training, consultation and after-sales service and maintenance are most significant to us. Help and support of each client is always a priority. Success of our customers is seen as our own and that is why we do our best to exceed their expectations by ensuring market competitiveness and long-term performance of each system.

Development and manufacturing of hardware (microscopes, digital cameras and other instruments to complement/simplify the analysis procedure) consume significant amounts of resources in both energy and materials. There are ongoing efforts to improve the effectiveness of operation as well as time and cost of the running. All elements of the system are mutually compatible to use in conjunction with one another.

Software is necessary for an error-free operation of the system. Storage of digital samples presents users with an option of extensive documentation and a possibility of network capabilities. Improved algorithms guarantee quality control and unbiased analysis results. An overall platform for all software makes it easy to upgrade very quickly. Every system can be reconfigured at a later point in time to support a different set of tasks.

Installation and user training
We don’t believe in «one-size-fits-all» and for that reason trainings and workshops are frequently organized in one of our offices or at your site. Our professional in-house training experts design tailored programs reflective of your individual practice and the unique end-user tasks. Requests and wishes of our partners form the basis of cooperation.

After-sales support
Our wide distribution network allows us to provide our customers with constant product availability and an efficient after-sales service with qualified personnel. Our specialists are glad to share their extensive experience and expertise. Mutually beneficial understanding and investment in relations with any professional are always important for us, with no differences for big or small business. Our sales network continuously broadens, as we always search for new distributors.

Designed to optimize and standardize the work process in the areas of clinical laboratory and microscopy. Each system is the result of extensive research and analysis of the needs of consumer. Analyzing and processing requests from our clients and tracking market trends provides planned expansion of a Vision product range.

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