FDA OKs Parker Hannifin’s Indego Exoskeleton for Both Clinic and Home Use

After receiving CE mark in late 2015, Parker Hannifin announced that FDA has also cleared Indego Exoskeleton for clinic and personal use.

Indego is a robotic exoskeleton or powered orthotic device that allows users to stand and walk and holds great promise for affording people with paraplegia a new level of independence. “For individuals who sustain spinal cord injuries, this is a milestone that could have a meaningful impact on their lives,” said Tom Williams, chairman and CEO of Parker Hannifin.

Indego system is now available in European market, Parker Hannifin plans to offer the device in USA market as well in a few months.

Please go to Indego product page by clicking this link.

Further news: FDA Cleared Robotic Exoskeleton for Patients from Stroke & Spinal Cord Injury


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