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    Via Surgical Ltd. announced it has entered into an exclusive US distribution agreement with Progressive Medical, Inc. for distributing its lead product FasTouch across 50 states of the U.S.A.

    The FasTouch™ Fixation System is intended for fixation of prosthetic material to soft tissues in various minimally invasive and open surgical procedures such as hernia repairs. FasTouch Sutures, for the first time, provides surgeons fixation that is designed like sutures and delivered like tacks. This next generation technology is the first to provide lockable, flexible suture-like fixation that is truly trans-fascial with less foreign body material. For physicians and patients, this has the potential to increase confidence in fixation, minimize complications such as adhesions and post-op pain and lead to a faster recovery. In addition, The FasTouch Fixation System uses exchangeable cartridges potentially providing increased value and cost savings over traditional fixation devices for Healthcare institutions.

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