Home use medical devices market in China

As the aged population base is growing rapidly in China, the demand of certain home use medical devices also increases sharply. Younger generation also focuses on prevention rather than treatment, when maintaining physical health is concerned. To fit the daily needs, more and more families in China keep devices like thermometer, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, oxygen concentrator and etc. at home, young people are more comfortable with wearable devices which is in most cases connected to a smart phone.
In the Chinese home use medical device market, there is also a strong market trend of developing and deploying m-health products to replace the conventional products. The ‘Hardware-APP-Cloud’ module is adapted by more and more device manufacturers.
The market size of medical device in China is around RMB400 Billion by the end of 2014, but only 14% falls into home use device category. The share of home use devices will for sure expand as long as the strong market demand grows, and we can easily presume, that more and more innovative products will be available in the Chinese market in the coming years.

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