Iran Japan Medical Devices Pack, Business or Politics?

It was reported that Iran and Japan concluded a package based on grant-aid, that Japan will supply to Iran medical devices valuing ca. US$ 10 million. Companies like Fuji Film and Toshiba Medical System will participate this program, devices like ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, endoscopes, and other offerings which Japanese firms are strong in will be involved.

Tokyo is to resume yen loans after a 15-year hiatus. Infrastructure work involving Japanese companies, including repairs to fossil-fuel-fired power plants, is also under consideration.

The Japanese Prime Minister Abe is also eager to visit Teheran.

It is not clear which motive is stronger behind this medical device deal, business or politics. Japan may use this medical device aid, which sounds moral, to knock the door of the Iranian market open, and squeeze Russia and China out of Iran. By doing so, Japan could uplift their political influence in Iran over Russia, China, US and Europe.

Suppose some day in the future, when USA imposes sanctions to Iran again for whatever reason(s), should Iran worry about the after-sales-service, update/upgrade, spare parts supply, maintenance and etc, for the medical devices they bought from Japanese firms?


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