Medtronic Launches New Insulin Pump with SmartGuard Technology in US

Medtronic announced the U.S. commercial launch of its MiniMed 630G system with SmartGuard technology FDA approved for the treatment of people with diabetes mellitus sixteen years of age and older. The MiniMed 630G features a new insulin pump hardware platform and new user-friendly design that combines personalized diabetes management with industry-leading clinical performance. The MiniMed 630G system is the newest member of the MiniMed family-the most prescribed integrated insulin delivery system brand in the world.

The MiniMed 630G system exclusively uses the CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 blood glucose meter from Ascensia Diabetes Care to provide blood glucose test results that have been shown to be highly accurate. The meter automatically transmits blood glucose results to calculate boluses using the Bolus Wizard® calculator and to calibrate the CGM sensor, which helps prevent manual entry errors. It also allows patients to discreetly give themselves a bolus of insulin remotely from the meter, providing added convenience to help patients manage their diabetes effectively.

A press release can be found from Medtronic Website.